Our Purpose and Values

To be the leading provider of expert services and support for people impacted by paralysis.

ParaQuad’s Values

1 – Integrity

We will be guided by principles of honesty

2 – Reliability

We maintain a reputation for doing what we say

3 – Accountability

We will be held accountable for our actions

4 – Leadership

We will actively recognise, encourage, nurture and promote innovative practices in all that we do.

5 – Respect

We value an individual’s culture, diversity and choices and will consider these in the delivery of our service

ParaQuad’s Objectives

1 – Leadership

To be a trusted leader in the provision of services, education, advocacy and support information for people with a complex physical disability

2 – Community

Position ParaQuad to meet changing community needs

3 – Sustainability

To develop an integrated, sustainable organisation/business

4 – Person-centeredness

To develop and implement all funding and accreditation requirements around CALD and person-centredness