Specialist Clinical Services

ParaQuad’s clinical services team is made up of clinical nurse consultants, occupational therapists and support coordinators.


Our clinical nurse consultancy service provides specialist spinal cord injury assessments, advice and clinical support for people with spinal cord injury and similar neurological disability, their carers and families.
They can also provide information and specialist advice to health professionals. Our Clinical Nurse Consultants are experienced in continence management, spinal cord injury nursing, rehabilitation, paediatrics and wound care.

We can help you with:

  • Continence assessments
  • Bladder management plans
  • Bowel management plans
  • Wound and pressure injury assessments
  • Wound management plans
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Equipment prescriptions
  • NDIS and iCare assessments
  • Consultations under private health insurance
  • Consultancy and support to community nursing

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists are senior, specialised therapists who are experts in supporting clients’ individual needs and goals, regardless of the complexity of their disability and health needs. They also provide education and advice to carers, families and health professionals.

Our Occupational Therapists can help you with:

  • advice on wheelchair use, including propulsion and overuse injury prevention
  • equipment assessment and recommendations
  • assistive technology assessment and recommendations
  • skin care
  • transfers and manual handling
  • information about home modifications
  • travel planning
  • skills training around the home or in the community

Support Coordination

Our support coordination and peer support team brings a lived experience of disability to help you find and access the services you need.

Our team can help you with:

  • understanding and insights for problems associated with your disability
  • support to find and access services associated with spinal cord injury and similar neurological disability
  • advice on understanding and implementing your NDIS plan
  • access to resources to help you get the information and support you need

Social Work

Our social work service provides personalised consultations to people of all ages with spinal cord injury, their families and carers at every stage of life, and can be invaluable during times of crisis. We will work with you to help identify your skills and strengths, set goals and help you put a plan in place to achieve them.

Our social worker can help with:

  • assessments and counselling to address specific needs
  • grief and loss support
  • sexuality and relationships
  • family relationships
  • regaining independence while coping with ongoing medical and care needs
  • managing life stages
  • building new habits and coping strategies
  • drug and alcohol concerns
  • strategies for dealing with government departments

A common misconception is that social workers are just there to help in a crisis. However, seeking assistance early in the journey, and having regular support, can help you get on top of things and manage well.

Ageing and Wellness Program

The middle years of life can be rich, fulfilling and satisfying. They can also bring new challenges and glimpses into ageing. Nobody likes to think about getting older, but planning ahead can minimise the impact of age-related changes on your lifestyle.

We can reduce the impact of ageing and maintain wellbeing by:

  • Participating in life
  • Adopting new technology and choosing supports
  • Understanding changes to the body
  • Planning ahead (starting before we get ‘old’)

Tips on ageing from ParaQuad Peer Support Team:

  • Don’t ignore the symptoms of ageing – try to plan ahead
  • Seek information to help you age gracefully: talk to peers, your GP, Occupational Therapist, Clinical Nurse Consultant and Spinal Specialist
  • Stay in the loop. Know what’s out there to help you; for example, equipment and continence advice
  • You can still reach your goals, despite the ageing process

Find more information, and a helpful checklist to help you consider if your home, equipment or supports may benefit from a review.

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Who else can help?

Contact ParaQuad’s Clinical Team (OT, Nursing and Peer Support) to explore the choices, independence and participation you want as you get older.

ParaQuad NSW is hosting peer-led discussion groups to support people as they age with a spinal cord injury. We will post upcoming sessions here on our website, social media and in ParaQuad News.

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