Are you a ParaQuad Member?

ParaQuad is committed to supporting the career and educational goals of people with spinal cord injury.

We do this by offering Scholarships, each up to the value of $5000, to assist members studying at tertiary, vocational or other registered educational providers.

ParaQuad Scholarships are open to Australian citizens and permanent residents living in NSW, ACT and NT.

Applications for the ParaQuad Scholarship program 2020 are open now!

Assistance in providing funding to students who are studying at registered training organisations, eg TAFE, universities and colleges.

Easing the financial burden of obtaining the necessary education and skills to secure future employment.

Covering educational costs such as textbooks, course fees, computer equipment, additional support.

Apply now for a Scholarship for 2020!

Click here to view the program guidelines. Click here to download an application form.

Applicant Details

Are you an Australian Citizen living in NSW/ACT/NT?


Are you a Permanent Resident living in NSW/ACT/NT?


Are you an NDIS participant?


What type of course are you intending to undertake?


Please select:


Full timePart TimeDistance education/online learning

What is the extent and cause of your spinal cord injury (SCI) or related disability, including level and type of SCI? Documented confirmation is required from a doctor, physiotherapist or other professional. Please attach relevant documentation to your application.

Why do you think you should be considered for this scholarship? In 300 words please explain what your future career plans are and how the scholarship program will help you achieve your goals. Please add a separate page if required.

Tell us about yourself eg what are your interests, work experiences, hobbies and/or volunteer experiences?

Please list your highest education to date (if relevant). Please enclose a copy of latest results of subjects/courses.

Are you, your parents or guardians (on your behalf) receiving any financial or other assistance such as another scholarship, pension or insurance claim?

Please indicate which band applies to you and/or your family or guardian’s gross household income before tax as at July, 2018.

Band 1(Below $29,000)Band 2(Below $29,000)Band 2($29,000 to $47,000)Band 3($47,000 to $80,000)Band 4(Over $80,000)

Have you received a scholarship from ParaQuad NSW before?If you ticked “yes” when and what was the amount? What did you spend the funds on?


For what specific purposes do you propose to use the scholarship funds e.g. computer equipment, carer assistance, textbooks, transport costs, etc. (dollar figures should relate only to estimate expenditure proposed from February to December of the scholarship year the applicant is applying for).

If the application is for educational equipment, is it compatible with the equipment that you currently use, or will use at the school, university, TAFE or registered private college? (Please tick the appropriate box)


The Sponsor (to be completed if the applicant is under 18 years old)


In making this application, the applicant/sponsor agrees that ParaQuad NSW awards scholarships under its sole discretion, and that no legal action may be taken against ParaQuad NSW in relation to any decision it may take to award, or not award, any scholarship or to extend or to terminate any scholarship already awarded. The Applicant understands the Terms and Conditions as per the Guidelines and will comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Agreed by the applicant or sponsor


Witnessed by: (Witness is not to be related to either the sponsor or applicant)