Personal Care

For people with spinal cord injury and similar neurological disability, ParaQuad has been providing personal care services since 1986. Our experience, dedication and person-centred approach ensure our service is one of the best in the industry. Personal care is about providing in-home support that enables you to maintain your lifestyle in a way that you choose. Our Personal Care Assistants do more than just help with basic care.For NDIS participants the Personal Care rate is as per the NDIS nominated rate.

Personal Care Services

For people with spinal cord injury and other complex physical disability, this means assisting you with your daily living activities so that you continue those activities and roles that are important to you.

Our Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) can help you with:

  • bowel care and management
  • bladder and catheter care
  • continence management
  • showering, bathing, grooming and dressing
  • safe transfers, including use of hoists
  • light domestic duties
  • laundry and cleaning
  • shopping and preparing meals
  • assistance with meals
  • accessing the community: assisting you with transport, appointments and social activities
  • support with daily activities
  • respite care for your carer

For more information about ParaQuad’s Personal Care Services:
(02) 8741 5620

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Why use ParaQuad’s Personal Care Assistants?

We specialise in spinal cord injury (SCI) and similar neurological disability. Our PCAs complete intensive in-house training in all aspects of SCI care: bowel care, bladder, catheter and continence management, safe transfers, use of mobility equipment, pressure area and skin care.

Highly trained and specialised Personal Carers

What differentiates our personal care service is the training, education and support provided to our personal care assistants (PCAs).  All our PCAs participate in training workshops, where they gain the knowledge and practical skills required for caring and assisting people with spinal cord injury and like conditions. All workshops are provided by our expert clinical team and based on the most current evidence-based practice. Further on-line learning and annual performance reviews ensure our PCAs are of the highest standard.

All our PCAs are trained in the recognition of and response to autonomic dysreflexia.

Our PCAs are supported by ParaQuad’s clinical team who provide ongoing education in spinal-specific care. We understand that every person with SCI will require support tailored to their needs.

Our personal care services are continually assessed, reviewed and improved to meet the current needs of the market and to ensure certification and accreditation.

How do I access Personal Care services?

Whether you are returning home from hospital or rehabilitation, or have been at home for some time, please call us for a confidential chat about your needs;
(02) 8741 5620

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