ParaQuad Telehealth

ParaQuad has partnered with leading telehealth service GPNow to deliver expert clinical assessment and consultation across Australia.
No matter where you are, you are not alone – book a consultation or make an enquiry now.

About our service

ParaQuad’s specialist Clinical Services team comprises Clinical Nurse Consultants, Occupational Therapists and Support Coordinators with extensive experience in spinal cordinjury and similar neurological disability. We assess your needs and provide comprehensivemanagement plans to assist you in every aspect of life.
Every service we provide in person is available through ParaQuad Telehealth.

We are experts in spinal cord injury and similar neurological disability.

How it works

We use a secure platform to deliver clinical consultations across Australia. Using the highest level of privacy, consultations are ‘point to point’ – directly between ParaQuad and you. There is no third party such as Zoom – and consultations cannot be recorded. No medical information is stored.
Because the platform uses low bandwidth, our ParaQuad clinicians can reach you no matter how remote your location. High-definition video enables us to see everything close up, clear and easily.
Every service that the ParaQuad team delivers face-to-face can be accessed via telehealth, providing quick access to expert advice, assessment and help.
Do you need another specialist or perhaps a carer to join the call? ParaQuad Telehealth enables that to happen – no matter where those people may be.

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How do I access the service?

1. Make an enquiry

Contact our Clinical Services team to discuss your needs andto find out whether telehealth is right for you.

Send us an email or phone us: 02 8741 5689

Email Us

2. Register to use the service

Visit the GPNow website and create a free account.

Register Now

3. Request a consultation

Once you have registered, book a preferred clinician and time to connect.

Book Appointment

4. Connect with our team

After making a booking, connect with our team when you are ready for your appointment on the GPNow platform