ParaQuad NSW is now Forward Ability Support

Since we first began as ParaQuad NSW back in 1961, we’ve been dedicated to supporting people living with spinal cord injury in the community. Rolling forward to today, we’re proud to make a real difference in the lives of our clients, our customers and our extended team.


Our experience of working with people every day gives us great insight and understanding of how far-reaching the effects of spinal cord injury are, not just for the individual but also their families and extended community. These insights have moulded and formed how we support a range of people with healthcare needs.


That is why we are evolving from the ParaQuad NSW name into Forward Ability Support – a name that reflects the positive, life-affirming attributes of our organisation.


Forward embodies the idea that no matter where any of us may be, at any point in time – physically or mentally – there is always the opportunity to move forward.


We make this change in full recognition and appreciation of the rich heritage and accomplishments of those who have contributed so much throughout the history of ParaQuad NSW.


While our name has changed, our vision to support people living with spinal cord injury to live their best life remains stronger than ever.